About Us

Mark Houser President and Founder of PANA

For 2 decades I have helped people to start over 650 public firms. I have a passion for helping people, and making insurance companies pay what they owe. I routinely help people talk through their problems to figure out the right way to get the money needed for each claim. Often telling them on the phone the exact things to say to an insurance adjuster to get them to pay.

Mark Houser President and Founder of PANA

Mark Houser President and Founder of PANA

How We Got Started

After Hurricane Katrina me, my family, and my church went down to help the next year. I had just finished writing my book for homeowners on how to deal with insurance claims called “Getting Your House In Order”. Down there while helping clear out a house that had been flooded, I participated in one of the prayer walk throughs around the neighborhood.

On that walk I met Ms. J. Her and her husband had bought their neighbors house and fixed it up and turned it into a day care. The daycare was like being in a movie with this beautiful home in the midst of all this devastation. But meanwhile ms J and her husband still lived in a trailer next door.

They had taken the time to fix up and create the daycare so all the other families in the neighborhood could send their kids there for free while they worked on their homes.

This so moved me that it lead to the creation of PANA (Property Adjustment National Association). Nobody was teaching people how to be public adjusters. At best all they wanted to do was just teach to pass the test or at worst turn you into a simple solicitor with the promise of eventually training you to be a public adjuster, never to do so.

I knew my industry needed to change, so I set out to do just that by providing people with the training and education they needed to become a public adjuster. Not just to have the title but to have the understanding as well.

The motto for our association is this “You can never give out enough good will changing one life at a time, and the life you end up changing will be yours.” We live that out and so do our members...

Since that time over ten years ago we have helped over 300 people get into public adjusting. Will you be the next one?