I Need Help! Can I Do This?

In this world we have the biggest “Do it your Self” movement ever. I am one of those guys that if i don’t know something, I find  the answer. Sometimes the answer is to get a professional. The job is too big for me to handle. Sometimes, there is no professional that can  help.

But when some type of damage happens to your house, there is a  professional, called a licensed public adjuster, that works on your behalf. They don’t work for  the insurance company. Even though the insurance company says they are “on your side”, they are not. They don’t want to pay for the damage. They won’t take the time to help you understand what is or what isn’t covered on your policy. But a licensed public adjuster will. Their fiduciary obligation is to you. What does those fancy words mean? They are obligated to help you get everything that is due you. They understand the games insurance companies play when you file a claim and they can help you understand what everything in your homeowner’s policy means and if it is covered.

But you can’t find a public adjuster in your area or they think your claim is too small? Some public adjusters come from an association called NAPIA.  All they care about is their wallet. Their fee! But there are are other public adjusters who really care about helping you.

The purpose of this blog is to help you realize that we have the resources so you can be educated and guided enough so you know what to do with your claim.  And if  you want,  you can take that education to the next level and we can help you become a public adjuster.  This could be a powerful route, solving your immediate problem, while creating a major source of new income. You can help yourself and your family and then help your neighbors, friends and other family members.

We want to help homeowners know how to make their homeowner’s insurance pay for them when they need it! Want to find out more? Leave us a comment and we will get back to you!



The American Public are looking for answers but they have found themselves looking alone. In the past, it was you and the insurance company’s adjuster ,or just the adjuster looking at the damage in your home. Here is the not so well known part,-you thought that the insurance adjuster was there to aid you in repairing of your home. Well, at least, giving you the money to do so.

There is a word used in the insurance industry called fiduciary, meaning (involving trust especially with regard to the relationship between the adjuster and the insurance company but not to the homeowner) The adjuster is not there for you, the homeowner, but for his boss, the insurance company supervisor, who pays the adjusters pay check.

Let me start at the beginning. You signed a contract with the insurance company agent called a insurance policy. There are rules that come with that policy from your State on the responsibilities of each side:  the insurance company and yourself, in the processing of a claim against the policy. Want to know more? Click on the image below as our free gift to you. Need more help, leave a comment

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